There's a bit of wisdom on the internet for full-time RVers called the "rule of twos."

For stress-free travel limit yourself to 200 miles per day, arrive before 2pm, and stay for at least two days.

I generally break the "arrive before 2pm" one. I'm not a morning person, and I'd rather sleep in a little later than arrive a little earlier. The exception being wind (and we'll come back to that.)

What can I say about the drive from Redding except... Whoops? Oh well.

Knowing that the area around Florence gets windy and that the winds pick up around noon, I decided to leave as early as I could manage. I was up by 5AM and on the road a little before 7:30. That turned out to be a great idea because I experienced no real wind, and traffic was light all the way to I-5.

The highways between 101 and 5 were surprisingly well-maintained for rural mountain highways in Oregon. In fact the worst of it was right before I got to I-5, maybe the last 10 miles before Sutherlin. I like to believe that I-5 was draining the life force from its tributary highways.

Another bit of RV full-timer wisdom that I've taken to heart is "seriously, just don't be in a hurry." I've discovered that, for the most part, 55MPH is the secret to happiness. Not for the cars behind me. But I'll let them pass as soon as I can. If the wind pushes the RV around, at 55 I have more time to respond and react and the handling of the whole coach drastically improves.

I stopped in Medford for gas, which turned out to be smart because gas prices jumped about $1/gal as soon as I crossed into California. I picked up some terrible gas station food for lunch, a habit I need to find a better solution to. I don't really want to stop and make breakfast or lunch but there's probably something I could be keeping in the fridge to cover travel days. It'll be something to think about.

Finally, a little after 4pm, I arrived in Redding. My reward, for all that, was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen this year.

Thanks, Redding. Thredding.

That first night's sunset.