Not long after the last blog post was written, my gracious hosts spied a Jeep listed on one of the various local marketplaces that seemed to meet all my needs. A short trip to the middle of nowhere later, and I'm now the proud owner of a 1993 Wrangler in pretty good condition. Little bit of body rust. Radio doesn't work. To quote at least one of the ads I looked at, "it's a Jeep!" The purchase was double-timely because it snowed in Portland the very next day, and between the Jeep's 4WD and giant snow tires I had a great introduction to the Wrangler family.


On the recommendation of a friend with a longer Wrangler history, I've ordered some new headlights for it, and more parts will likely be coming. I'm due to be in Seattle for the next two weeks, still sans RV, for a work trip. I don't travel for work often, and the original version of this work trip had me in the RV but the weather in the Pacific Northwest has not been cooperating.

I got to spend all of three nights this week back in my home, before the upcoming work trip necessitated putting it in storage. Fortunately I found a storage place near Kalama with reasonable rates and an open berth, but it was a race against time on Friday to try and beat the incoming snow storm. It's been touch-and-go all weekend, with the forecast uncertain each day how the next day would go. Currently there's a nice dusting of snow on most surfaces, but the roads are safe.


I'm taking the train up to Seattle, so I won't need to deal with what I've heard is one heck of a major snowstorm up there. I should have plenty of time to start ordering the necessary parts for the Jeep, as well as set an appointment to get the tow hitch installed to tow it behind the RV. Once that's done the last major thing will be to sell my old car and I'll be ready to roll.

All of this is timely, as my first major change of venue is scheduled to be the start of April. I migrate from my temporary winter home of Kalama to the coast of Oregon and begin a Southward loop down through Reno, the bay area, and back North to escape the summer heat. I need to have a towable car before that first stretch on the Oregon coast, and now I'm roughly half way there.

Now, off to Seattle!