So why was I in Reno after all? Biggest Little Fur Con! The West coast's biggest furry convention, and one of the best there is.

If you've never been to a furry convention it's hard to describe exactly what it's like. Imagine a homecoming with a few thousand of that cool cousin who used to let you play their PlayStation at Thanksgiving. Is that reference too dated? Not dated enough? You get the idea.

There's no one right way to do a furry convention, and more to do than any one person could get around to in four days. I've been coming to BLFC for several years now and I still haven't done all of the things there are to do at this particular convention. That's the benefit of it being at a resort casino. There's a whole bowling alley that I keep forgetting even exists because I have to walk by the dance to get to it and I always get distracted by the dance.

What if you don't like to dance? There's an arcade, both the one at the casino and the one that BLFC ships in every year. Not into electric games? There's an entire room dedicated to board and tabletop games. Not into games at all? There's panels with topics covering drawing, writing, and other artistic pursuits. There's concerts, a dance competition, and a car show.

Some of my best friends are people I really only get to see a small handful of times each year at one of these events. The internet has been a curse and a blessing that way. It's allowed weirdos like me to find each other, but it also means my social network is incredibly disperse. When I set out in the RV, one of the thoughts I had was how it'd enable me to be closer to friends that were far away, and thus far that's paid off a bit. The locations of friends and conventions definitely weigh into my choices of where to go and when to be there.

I'd never have chosen to be in Reno this late in the year if not for BLFC. All the sane RV full-timers have escaped to the North by now. They're in Washington or BC or whatever state makes sense given what part of the country they travel in. Me? I'm going to be in Sacramento in a couple of weeks, close to some of my best friends and preparing to wear my fursuit in the San Francisco gay pride parade. Why? Because life is short, and I'm gonna get real weird with it.