I'm a bit overdue with this one. Further Confusion happens in San Jose in January, so I've been sitting on these pictures for almost half a year now. In my defense, at the time, I had a lot going on with the RV repair fiasco.

There was a time when I would have said BLFC was my favorite convention without hesitation, but a funny thing has happened over the last couple of years. FC, long stagnant, has started getting better. BLFC, always amazing, has been a victim of its own success. Now I'd probably say that I like each of them the most, but for different reasons.

Further Confusion is near San Jose's downtown core, which means there's a plethora of really good food options a short walk away. I promise I won't go full not-a-food-blog here, but I'm particularly fond of the La Victoria burritos only three or four blocks away. And the orange sauce. Omgosh. The orange sauce.

Attendance at FC has been relatively stable in the neighborhood of about 2000 people for years now, which is a good size given the amount of space they have access to. It never really feels empty, but it also never feels too full. Where BLFC suffers from barely being able to contain the volume of its attendees, FC allows room to mingle and meet people. It has "breathing room," without feeling small.

Most of the convention takes place in San Jose's convention center, which is conveniently flanked by two excellent attached hotels with a third hotel directly across the street. The plethora of hotels means there's plenty of space, and the rush for elevators isn't centralized in a single hotel like BLFC where the overwhelming majority of attendees stay at the Grand Sierra Resort.

One of my favorite events at Further Confusion, which so far as I know is unique to FC, is FC: Unleashed. The talent show. Furries come from an incredibly diverse set of backgrounds and nowhere is that more apparent than the talent show. I've seen an improvisational pianist create new songs on the fly, I've seen magic acts, singers, and something I would best describe as a mashup of air guitar and sign language. It runs the gamut, and it's usually darn good.

I look forward to being able to return to FC for many years in the future. I've always had an amazing time there, and it's part of how I plan to keep my connections to the West Coast as the RV takes me further East.