Going through the photos on my phone trying to come up with something to write a blog post about I came up gloriously, beautifully empty. It's been a boring week. Finally. The last week of February / first week of March, and I finally had a "zero week." Y'all I'm exhausted. I love me a good adventure but the start of this year has been a very "when it rains it pours" situation.

So with that in mind, I'll keep it short. The blog should now have a working subscription system. You may have noticed the little "subscribe" button at the top. That'll add your name to a system that should mail out a notification whenever a new post goes live. I want to make it as easy as possible for you, dear reader, to know that I've put up something to read. I promise not to sell the list or do any of the other shady things that a big company would probably do.

Content that is on the way that I haven't yet gotten my head fully around includes an About Me page, for those who are wondering, a "welcome aboard" guide for Toaster Strudel (that's the RV,) and possibly some kind of question asking/answer service, if I can find a way to make that work that isn't super grody. Oh, and maybe a forum/comments system for posts.

So until next time.