The question I must ask, and I think it's a fair question, is how much mileage can I get out of shenanigans involving the wet bay? For many people that have never spent much time in an RV it's one of the parts that naturally leads to the most questions. As we all (hopefully) learned some time in kindergarten, everyone poops, and that naturally needs to end up somewhere.

This week I'd finally reached the point where that problem had come home to roost, and it was time to dump the black tank.


To be honest, I wish it had been more eventful. As it stands, it barely qualifies as a footnote and certainly not an entire blog post. On a coach as new as mine the dump system has been engineered to be straightforward and problem-free. Pull the black lever, wait, close the black lever and pull the gray lever, wait, close the gray lever.

The worst part of the entire process from my perspective was needing to deal with chemicals with such fun family-friendly warnings as "CAN NOT BE MADE NON-TOXIC" and "INGESTION MAY RESULT IN TEMPORARY BLINDNESS." I never had to come into contact with any of the contents of the black tank, gross as they may be, I did have to handle the bottle of chemicals designed to make sure it doesn't start growing any strange new life or new civilizations.

Okay, that's enough of that, I promise.

A trip to Portland to run errands and meet up with friends led to Korean BBQ, one of the best expressions of carnivorous frivolity that mankind has to offer.


And, apropos of nothing in particular, a beautiful sunset.


More to come in the future, I promise.