As I mentioned briefly last week, the RV is in the shop. I was going out of town for a weekend (more on that in the future,) and thought it’d be a good time to get some warranty repairs done. Little did I know, it’d take them almost two weeks to even start the repairs and three calls to get them to understand what the problems were.

Most of the repairs are now finished, and I expect to be back in my home by next week. The list of things they fixed in no specific order:

  • The rear toilet leaked water on the floor if someone sat on it. This turned out to be loose bolts.
  • The midship toilet gasket couldn’t hold pressure from the magic space vacuum toilet system. They couldn’t replicate this, I probably fixed it by giving the toilet a good cleaning before taking it into the shop.
  • The galley window didn’t open. This was apparently a loose screw. I knew I had a few screws loose, I just wasn’t aware of that one.
  • The bedroom mirror’s wooden backing was coming off. This was fixed by a few staples to put it back in place.
  • Some of the main living area lights were dim or flickery. This was apparently dirty electrical contacts.

All of that was covered under warranty, which was great. Less the cost of gas to drive to and from the service center, not a bad deal. I also had them install my front license plate which recently arrived and had no bracket, and I had them handle my 100 hour generator service, since it was at 99.9 hours. If it’s in the shop, why not have them deal with the oil change?


Since I was in Portland anyway, I took the chance to hang out with some friends and visit some new and previous favorite haunts. I’ve been to the local Japanese import store Uwajimaya probably ten times. Every time I have an excuse to be near it, I stop and get another “some assembly required” candy. The last one I assembled were some donuts. They took an hour to make, but it was a fun way to spend an evening and they were pretty good. The next one I plan to make is probably Hamburgers.


I discovered a new favorite pizza place. Or should I say ranch sauce place. RanchPDX is named for their sauce, not the things you put it on, but both were amazing. Their ranch doesn’t taste like standard ranch, which I usually like anyway, but it’s creamy with a strong garlic and herbaceous flavor. Their Hawaiian pizza is made with spam instead of Canadian bacon, making it much more authentically Hawaiian and incredibly delicious. It’s a shame I only now discovered this place on my way out of the area, but I’ll definitely be back.


My other major project lately has been trying to track down a new car. My current car is a Subaru Outback, which I adore, but they can’t be towed behind RVs because they’re all-wheel-drive. I’ve got my heart set on a Jeep Wrangler; I’ve always wanted one and they’re easy to tow. I’ve gone to look at one but it was priced well above its condition, and I’m trying to go see a couple others before I’m back in the RV and an hour away from the city.

There’s more to say about Kalama, and I’ll get back to it soon. Part of being a nomad is being open to the unexpected opportunities, and they seem to come more often than not lately.