This weekend has been a whirlwind. I really wish I had thought to take more pictures!

The last major milestone before being able to leave the area was setting up my freshly-acquired Jeep to be towed behind the RV. There's a surprisingly large amount of work involved in doing it safely, including a supplementary braking system that can press on the Jeep's brakes when I press on the RV's brakes and which will bring it to a stop if the Jeep ever comes loose from the towing equipment.

I had to make what counts for an exceptionally early appointment at the shop where the tow package was installed bringing first the Jeep, then taking a Lyft back to my RV, then bringing the RV into a part of inner Portland where all other things being equal I probably never would have driven a vehicle that large under any other circumstances. By the mid afternoon everything was ready, and after a brief training on how to set it up I drove both RV and Jeep back to my temporary park.

I used the remaining afternoon to work on some small projects around the RV, including making the radio work inside the Jeep. A small quality of life improvement that might help, if I find myself needing to make a long excursion from home, but I'm also more than willing to sit with my thoughts with the radio off. After that, I ran some errands including a final trip to Ikea to pick up more of the plastic bins that I've found fit perfectly in a lot of the overhead storage areas in my coach.

It's amazing how quickly an entire weekend can fly by, but still feel like nothing got done when everything that did get done was a smaller part of a bigger project. I'll probably still be tinkering on the Jeep a year from now. I think that's part of why people get Jeeps. There's always another piece I can swap out, replace, upgrade, or improve.

The coach still has a few bigger upgrades coming down the line, though I don't have specific dates in mind. I'm not totally happy with how my Internet connection works, but it's functional for both work and leisure, and we're right on the cusp of some pretty big changes to cellular technology that make me a little gun-shy about going hard on upgrades. I'd love to get a solar setup going.

For now, I just want to get this update out so people know what I'm up to, then crawl into bed. It's been a long weekend.