It's tempting to think of an RV like an apartment on wheels, but it's probably better to think of it more like a boat out of water. Everything is more complicated than you think it should be, the backup systems have backup systems, and things that you might take for granted in a "sticks and bricks" house require some forethought. Don't worry. This is your guide.

Table of Contents

House Rules

  1. No shoes in the house! If absolutely necessary I have little blue shoe booties.
  2. No rotating the driver's seat. Just don't sit there.
  3. Remember that while this may be a vacation for you, it's my daily life and home. There is no housekeeping. I may need to work during the day.
  4. Absolutely nothing goes down the toilet except products of the human body, water, and specialty toilet paper that is provided. No wipes. No personal products. No exceptions.

Operating The Lights

Every room in the RV has a control panel that operates the lights and other major electrical systems. Often this control panel will have lights for nearby rooms, or control the vent and fan if the room has one. In every case the button at the very top controls the main lights for the part of the coach where the control panel is.

Press the button once to turn lights on and once to turn them off. The button will glow blue if the system is on.


Flushing The Toilet

Both toilets in Toaster Strudel are pedal-operated and connected to the VacuFlush. There are two questions you need to answer before attempting to use one.

  1. Do we have water pressure?
  2. Is the VacuFlush on?

If we are at an RV Park on "city water" then there should be water pressure. If we are in the middle of nowhere or you have otherwise been informed that we are "boondocking" then the water pump needs to be on. Both bathroom control panels have a button for the water pump. If you're not sure, ask.

Each bathroom has a VacuFlush status light. It looks like this:

If the little toilet icon is anything other than green, as indicated, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you attempt to flush the toilet. The switch to turn the VacuFlush on is in the rear bathroom. It needs to be turned off at night to give the system a rest and because the pump is right under the bed. If you need to travel through the bedroom at night to turn the VacuFlush on then please do. I'd rather you do that than try to flush the system without it.

With that said, actually using the toilet is as follows:

  1. Lift the pedal up with your foot to add water to the bowl. There may already be water in the bowl. Add more if you think it needs it.
  2. Use the toilet as normal.
  3. Make sure the ceiling fan is off. If it's running while the system is flushing there is a chance it will pull air up through the black tank and into the coach.
  4. Press the pedal down to flush the system. You should press it all the way down slowly but firmly. Hold it down for 2-5 seconds to let water run into the bowl. It will make a loud noise, that's the VacuFlush. Don't let it know you're afraid, it can smell fear.
  5. Consider lifting the pedal up to add more water to the bowl as a courtesy to future users.

Taking A Shower

The shower is located in the rear bathroom. It operates basically like any other shower you might be used to.

Additionally, if we are boondocking:

  • Be courteous of water usage. Both the gray and fresh tanks have limited capacities.
  • Make sure the water pump is running.
  • Make sure the water heater is running if you intend to use warm water. Ask for help with this.

The bathroom vent must be open and the fan must be running before taking a shower. The controls for these are on the control panel next to the sink. To open the vent press and hold the appropriate button. Each time you press it, it will reverse directions. If it's heading the wrong way, release the button and press again.

The fan should run until you're done in the bathroom. Turn the fan off but leave the vent open when you are done with your showering process.

At the end of your shower please use the squeegee hanging in the shower to squeegee extra water off the walls and glass. Water is the enemy of the RV, and sending it down the drain means less will evaporate into the air.

Internet Access

Internet is currently available on the EmergencyLuauSupplies2ElectricBoogaloo network. Ask for the password. It's the same as it used to be in the house. This is subject to change in the very near future.

Where Can I Find X?

Towels can be found in the cabinet next to the shower.
Washcloths can be found in the drawer two down from the cabinet with towels.
Cups, plates, and bowls can be found in the cabinets above the kitchen sink.
Forks, spoons, and chopsticks can be found in the top drawer next to the propane stove.
Spare toilet paper can be found below the sink in the midship bathroom, and above the towels in the rear bathroom.
Drinking water can be found in the Brita pitcher in the fridge. The water coming from the sinks is potable, but the filtered water is likely to taste better.
Board games can be found under either of the dinette seats.
Power outlets can be found above the couch or dinette in the bottom of the overhead cabinets.